Types of Loans

Target Clients

Emkan Microfinance services target 3 categories of clientele namely: Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises, and Employees.


Types of Loans

Emkan offers three types of loans for its clientele:

  • Microenterprise loans for business expansion (including equipment, inventory, material, working capital, etc…)
  • Home improvement loans for minor home improvements (including repairing roofs, walls, floors, kitchens, room construction, Purchasing land, etc…)
  • Personal/Consumer loans for all kinds of personal needs (Tuition fees, medical expenses, home furniture, etc…)


Loan Amount:

LBP 500,000 – LBP 15,000,000

The Loan Amount depends on certain conditions related to the size of the project, the borrower’s income and his ability to repay the loan, and the existence of sufficient guarantees to take the requested loan.


Loan Term and Loan Payment:

Loan Terms range from 4 to 48 Months based on Emkan’s conditions for borrowers and the ability of the borrower to repay the amount approved.

The payments shall be under equal monthly payments paid to the branches of BankMed or one of our accredited centers according to the schedule of monthly payments.

For the list of our accredited Payment Centers and branches, please click here.


Borrower Requirements:

  • Existing micro or small enterprise owners (for more than 1 year)
  • Employee (for more than 1 year)
  • Age between 18 and 67 years old
  • Lebanese nationality holder or permanent resident on Lebanese territories


How to get a Loan:

You can apply for a Loan Online by clicking here.

For further questions about our Loan Products, you can visit our branches or Contact our Loan Officials who are available over all Lebanese territories.